CAA & BGA Licensing Forms

Here are a few handy forms that you may need throughout your training:

Powered Flight:

Need to add a TMG rating to your licence?

Examiner Notification Form / Test Notification for TMG & LAPL. Complete a course of training then complete this form before taking your Skills Test.

NPPL (SLMG) Application NPPL (SLMG) is a 32 hour training course or can be completed in 10 hours if you hold a Glider Pilot Licence. Once training is near done please complete this.

CAA Forms SRG1119E – Renewing a SEP or TMG. Revalidation can be done by experience, complete 12 hours in two years.

Glider Flight:

To gain your Gliderpilot Licence or LAPL(S) you will need to complete a BGA Cross Country Endorsement this involves field selection and navigation training in a motorglider.

Bronze Badge Application

BGA Cloud Flying Endorsement can only be issued if a pilot holds a Bronze and Cross-Country Endorsement and 30 hours pilot in command.

Glider Pilot License

Glider Pilot to EASA LAPL or SPL

CAA & BGA Licensing Forms