Sandhill Farm Airfield Information

Opening Hours (Local): 

March to October 0900 to 1800

November to February 1000 to 1600

Frequency: ​​​SANDHILL TRAFFIC’ 129.980 (shared channel)

Runway length​​: 650 meters

Phone numbers​​: 

07976 985 689 (MotorGlide)

01793 783 685 (Clubhouse)

Noise Sensitive Areas

Due to the close proximity of residential areas it is essential for the airfield to operate in a considerate manner. Please observe the noise sensitive areas as much as reasonably possible to help us maintain our good neighbourly relationship.


Joining Information

Aircraft should remain outside of RAF Fairford MATZ unless in good two-way communication with Brize Zone on 119.000.

RAF Fairford MATZis located 2.5nm north of the airfield. Aircraft are to remain clear unless in good two-way communications with Brize Zone on 119.000

It is suggested that downwind leg for Rwy 22 and Rwy 04 should be no further North than the Highworth village situated 2nm North of the airfield.



Rwy 22/04This is our main run for take off and landings.

​​It’s a well mown strip with blue edge markers at the start of both ends.​​

Rwy 22Landing, trees at the threshold means a deeper landing is required.

Rwy 04Departure, trees at the end may require you to turn at low altitude to avoid depending upon aircraft performance.

Rwy 25/07 – Primarily used for model flying, only available if briefed beforehand.



Sandhill Farm Airfield is an active gliding site, operating motorised-gliders and pure gliders launched by tow plane. 

All circuits to be flown to the North (Rwy 22 right-hand, Rwy 04 left-hand).


Do’s & Don’ts 

To keep the local residents and airfield users happy, please follow the following guidelines:

No overhead joins
No flying south of the airfield boundary below 2000ft (the landlord lives next door!)
All circuits to the North (Rwy 22 right-hand, Rwy 04 left-hand).
Wind turbines are located to the 1nm East of the airfield. These can be overflown but not below 500ft.
Caution, model flying on the northern edge of the airfield on Rwy 25.


Model Aircraft

Swindon Model Flying Club operates from Sandhill Farm, they are an active club and fly most days.

When operational there’s a flashing orange beacon on the windsock.
Model Flying takes place on Rwy 25 (consider this closed unless briefed otherwise).
NO take-off or landings on Rwy 25/07