Price List


- Visiting pilots for a short course, then there's no facilities to pay.

- Learning to fly, then you'll need the annual facilities fee.

£420 per Year

£35 per Month (avaliable after your 1st full year)

This fee covers insurance, briefings/club rooms, heating, home landing fees, BGA Affiliation Fee whilst training.

Facilities fee is for a minimum of 12 months

Flying Rates

All prices include fuel and home landing fees.

* Training rates do not include instructor fees. Instructors are paid directly by you, at £30 per hour.

* Glider training instructor fees, paid directly by you, at £150 per day.

Visiting pilots can only fly with MotorGlide during a course of training, if you wish to fly regually then you'll need to be a member.

Aircraft Training Solo Hire
  Member Visiting Pilot Member Visitoring Pilot
SF25  £115 £130 £90 £130
ASK 13 £0.35/min £0.35/min £0.35min £0.35min
EuroFox £125 £140  £115 £140

£35 - 1500ft
£40 - 2000ft 



Ground Instruction £30 / hr
Instruction in own aircraft £70 / hr



Class Rating Revalidation – license signing £30 / hr
License application assistance – admin £20 / hr


RT License

Ground School  £40
Test £180



Ground Exams £30  

Flight Examiner:

 Initial Issue of Rating or License   £170
    1hr - Ground
    2hr - Flight Test
    1hr – CAA Paperwork
Renewal or Revalidation by Test   £105


BGA Flight Instructor Courses

Ground School  £35 / hr
Instructor for the day £350 / hr
Aircraft Hire (BGA visitors) £150 / hr
Aircraft Hire (MotorGlide Members) £130 / hr
Flight Tests (plus a/c hire) £199


Small Print

Flight time charged by a pound meter in the aircraft, this operates from the time the aircraft is turned on until it's shut down.

MotorGlide reserves the right to change prices or review the above policies at any time