Aerobatic Training


To fly aerobatics in an EASA registered aircraft you'll need to hold an EASA Aerobatic Rating. For a non-EASA aircraft it's a good idea to learn the basics and therefore we can offer the AOPA approved course.

The EASA Aerobatic Course contains:

  • Minimum course of 5 hours of aerobatic flight instruction (or 20 flights)

  • Theoretical knowledge instruction to understand the flight envelope and operating the aircraft in unusual attitudes.

We run the EASA Aerobatic Rating parallel with the AOPA course, eager that all students complete the training for the issue of the AOPA Basic Aerobatic Certificate which in itself is internationally recognised.

To start the course you'll need to:

  • Hold a pilot’s licence, the minimum level being a LAPL(A)

  • Have completed a minimum of 40 hours as PIC.


Aerobatic Training