SLMG Rating

If you hold an NPPL for SSEA or Microlight, we can help you add an SLMG.


This is an easy conversion, and all you need to do is complete ‘differences training’ and then apply to have the SLMG rating added to your NPPL (no skills test required!).

The amount of differences training required very much depends on the candidate. The hardest part of the training is learning how to land an aircraft with 15 meters of wing!

Most students complete the differences training in around 3 to 5 hours.

NPPL Microlight to SLMG

For those of you who’ve had enough of flying in the cold of a flexwing, or if you’re a 3-axis pilot looking to do something different, then motorgliders could be for you.

Flying a motorglider can be quite different to what you’re used to, so below are the minimum training requirements:

  • 1 hour instrument appreciation
  • 2 hours stall/spin awareness
  • Total of 32 hours training across Mircolight & SLMG
  • Pass Aircraft General Knowledge & Principles of Flight exams
  • Hold an NPPL Medical
  • NST & GST
NPPL Microlight to SLMG