Find Enstone

We welcome visitors by road or by air and you’re always assured a warm welcome here at Enstone Airfield.

Visiting by air

Enstone Airfield (EGTN) in Oxfordshire has an elevation of 550ft and to visit us at MotorGlide, you’ll need the Northside Grass runway (08N/26N), which is 1,020m. A few things to note:

  • Call Enstone Radio on 129.880, but it’s not always manned so make Traffic calls if there’s no answer.
  • We’re just 7nm from Oxford Airport (EGTK), so do be aware of aircraft operating in and out of there when you’re coming to visit us.
  • Circuits are flown at 800ft AGL to the north of the airfield.
  • PPR isn’t essential, but if you can give us a call on 01608 678204 then it’s appreciated.
  • No straight-in approaches – overhead joins are preferred, so descend deadside avoiding the villages to join downwind for 26/08 runways.
  • Landing on the Northside Grass is usually free!
  • AvGas is available (debit cards preferred but all major cards are accepted except American Express).
  • Freshly made bacon rolls available on Saturday mornings from 10am until 1pm.

Visiting by road

We’re located between the staggered crossroads and Soho Farmhouse on the B4022, and if you type ‘MotorGlide’ or ‘Enstone Flying Club’ into Google Maps we should pop straight up. Here are some maps to help you find us!

Our entrance is not that visible from the main road. Look for big white boards and red ‘Site Entrance’ signs, and you’ll also see the chicken sheds.

Once you’re on the airfield, follow the access road around the back of the chicken sheds and our entrance is directly behind – look for Enstone Flying Club.

In case you need it, our full postal address is:

Enstone Flying Club,
Enstone Airfield,
Banbury Road
Chipping Norton,

We are NOT at Soho Farmhouse or Enstone Industrial Estate! Follow the above directions and call 07976 985 689 if you get lost.

map 1
map 2
map 3
map 4